Hymn to Mary, Mother of Divine Providence




The Lyrics of the Hymn to Mary, Mother of Divine Providence

Music: P. Magri
Text:   Fr. Luciano M. ViscontiCRSP
Organ: Ms. Regina R. Reale
Soloist: Mrs. Anna Marie Falcinelli-Ziemian

O Provident Mother, sweet Mother of Jesus,
Oh, what a concern for your Son you expressed!
When lost in the Temple, in worry but trustful,
You sought Him and joyful You found Him in there.
At Cana you pleaded for us, too, your children:
"They're wanting, my Jesus, the wine of sheer gladness."
Oh, give them the wine of pure grace and pure bounty.
They will, then, your Kingdom of justice e' er seek.
At Cana, persuasive, you called on us saying:
"Whatever He tells you, in earnest, perform it."
Assurance you won't have of greater fulfillment.
Oh. help us to listen, whenever He speaks.
This Feast our Forefathers a legacy left us;
Delighted we make it our duty and glory.
In joyful thanksgiving your glories, Dear Mother,
In chorus confessing, God Triune we praise.
Ave Maria! Ave Maria! Ave, Ave, Maria!


Feast Day of Mary, Mother of Divine Providence is on  Saturday before the Third Sunday of November.  For more information about devotions please log to Mother of Divine Providence

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