Letter 8 - Trust in the Lord



Letter 8 - Trust in the Lord

To our cordial and sweet son in Christ, 

Mr. Battista.139



Why are you so faint-hearted and full of fear?  Don’t you know that we cannot forsake you?  By experience you should be well aware of the help given to you.

We have prayed Jesus Crucified.  We do not want any one thing from Him, unless He grants you the same, to your mind and heart.

That’s all, but rest assured that we will keep our word.

May Christ greet you on our behalf.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Christ bless you.

Yours,  Father in Christ,


Anthony Mary, Priest,

and Mother,

I, P[aola] A[ntonia Negri]140

  • Often times when faced with life’s ordeals we become fearful, and we forget that God takes care of us as his children.
  • We belong to the Church where Jesus Christ is at work.
  • In our prayer we ask God’s blessings for both ourselves and our brothers and sisters.

  • If I know that God’s eyes are always turned toward me, should I be afraid of difficulties?
  • Do I believe that in the Church we are under the loving protection of Jesus Christ who is actively present and abiding?
  • In my prayers do I tend to ask a lot for myself and little for others?


139. Thanks are due to the Barnabite historian and archivist, Fr. Giuseppe M. Cagni.  In an e-mail communication on September 9, 1998 he considerably identified “Mr. Battista” and suppled the circumstances of Letter 8.

140. See n. 59.

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